Do you have a precious new puppy that just entered your life? Maybe you’re the owner of an adult dog that just didn’t receive proper training. We’re here to tell you that you can teach an old dog new tricks – with games! Young puppies and old dogs love to play games, and this game is sure to be fun while teaching your dog manners at the same time.

(Before beginning dog training with play it’s important your dog knows how to sit and that rewards happen after following commands).

On And Off

It’s important for your dog to learn that play is good and fighting is bad, but it’s a very hard line for the dog to understand. You can help teach this distinction with On And Off. Start with your dog sitting. Then, give your “up” command such as an energetic “OK!” or whatever suits your fancy. Get your dog up and playing – ensure no teeth are gnashing or paws are jumping off the ground. Before your dog gets obsessed with playing, firmly command your dog to “sit!” and avoid direct eye contact for 10-20 seconds until your dog calms down. In the beginning you may want to use your hands and body to move your dog into the correct position. Play a as many rounds of this game as you or your dog wants! Feeling a challenge? Increase the intervals of play and sit time.

This game is great training for when guests or other dogs may make a visit to your home. There will be many times that your pet gets energetic and must know the appropriate time to calm down and sit politely.

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BONUS POINT: Patricia McConnell, author of Family-Friendly Dog Training, says, “Play can enhance your relationship, increase your dog’s willingness to do what you ask, teach emotional control, and in general make it a lot more fun.”