If you’re a dog owner, chances are you’ve experienced the thrills and drags of walking your furry friend. Can you mutter the word “walk” without your pet jumping and getting excited? We here at Happy Paws love to take your dogs on walks, but we know that sometimes the walk is more for you instead of your dog. Enjoy these tips on your next journey!

Hold On To That Leash

It doesn’t matter what type of leash you want to use. If you have a well-trained dog, you may not need a leash at all. We love both nylon and leather leashes -chain leashes not so much. Chain leashes get heavy after a while. Some think chain leashes are beneficial to keep your dog controlled, but the other types of leashes prove to work just as well. Nylon leashes come in many colors and sustain weather over the years, but they can give you a burn if your pet lunges forward. Leather leashes are the softest to hold for the owner and are tough enough to control your dog.

Keep Off The Grass

This is especially important during summer months. Your neighbors and local parks care for grass using chemicals like fertilizer which is not good for Fido’s paws or mouth if he sneaks over to take a snack. You’ll want to stay on the sidewalks to avoid poison and making your neighbors angry with your dog trampling through flower beds. Dogs love to explore, but this is about exercise, so keep tight to the sidewalk.

Extend Walks Require Planning

Do you have some extra time coming up this Saturday? Taking your pet for a long walk is a great idea! Don’t forget some water and a bowl, treats (especially to reward for training opportunities), and extra poop bags. Old grocery bags make great pooper-scoopers!

You can count on us to have fun with your dog while walking around Cincinnati, and we hope you have fun, too!