Welcome to the Happy Paws blog! The greatest part of our job is spending time with your furry friends. We strive to take pet care to the next level by never taking your pet away from his or her home. Sure, we’ll go on walks and we’ll play outside, but the point is that it’s all in your neck of the woods. We’ve found that by coming to your home to walk and train your animal, your pet responds better to the training after we leave. Therefore, the best kind of pet care is home pet care.

This blog will serve to give you the tips and the tricks that we’ve learned along our journey of becoming Cincinnati’s Top Rated Local® Pet Care service. Whether it’s fun new games to play with your dog or training tips to make sure your cat really does its business in the litter box, you can find all sorts of information posted here. Not to mention we’ll keep you up to speed with the fun happenings at Happy Paws here in the Greater Cincinnati area.

Our goal here at Happy Paws Home Care is to give you peace of mind. While you are away at work or on vacation, our Happy Paws “Pet PALs” come to your home to train, care for, and play with your dog or cat or dogs and cats! Getting a pet sitter is no longer a hassle. We strive to always go the extra mile to provide you with exceptional pet care. We are always available – nights, weekends, holidays – we are here for your pets no matter what. Well, there is one thing that stops us. Natural occurrences such as blizzards that render it unsafe for pet sitters to arrive at your house are the only reasons we will not provide our pet care services. Otherwise, our Pet PALs love training and playing with your animals.

Check back frequently as we look forward to providing you with great home pet care blogs!