Kristen Alvarez
Program Manager
Phone: 513-399-7297


Current Pets: Right now I have a house full for sure!  4 dogs- Fin, Ginger, Percy, and Fly.


Weirdest Nickname you have for your pet:  I have multiple weird nicknames for all of my pets. I rarely call them by their given name.


Favorite past times:  I love being outside! Anything outside is where I want to be. Most notably I enjoy rehabbing neglected and abused homes, fixing and making things, exploring the world around me, and enjoying the company of my children.
Favorite thing to do with your pets:  Taking the pups out to my dad’s farm or on long hikes is my favorite thing to do with them. In the evening when I’m relaxing there is almost always at least one dog in my lap. Sometimes I bring Fin or Percy to the office with me to hang out.  They prefer to be on my lap…or on my desk and looking out the window.